Airmagination is happy to do a reciprocal link exchange with businesses or sites which do not directly compete with us.  We trade links with airbrush artists, painters, muralists, online shirt and shirts stores..  We do not exchange links with sites that link to casinos, pharmacies or adult sites..


1. Your site must be related to either airbrushing, painting or shirts, and must not have more than 20 outbound links on the page our link is placed on. 


2. The address (URL) of the page our link appears on must not have question marks, our text link itself must be absolute (no redirects, ? marks, no CGI-BIN, etc)


3. No triangular linking: We only link to the site that links back to us (please do not link us from one site and then ask us to link back to a different site)


Use the form below to add your link or send an email to  with your site title, URL, description and location of page you linked us from, and we will add you to the appropriate area within 1-10 days if your site qualifies.  Our info is below, you may also copy and paste the code to add it to your site:




Title: Airbrush Shirts

Description: Offering custom airbrushed shirts, hip hop t-shirts as well as shirt airbrushing instructions on DVD


Link should appear similar to:


Airbrush Shirts

Offering custom airbrushed shirts, hip hop t-shirts as well as shirt airbrushing instructions on DVD



Enter your site's description

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